Beauty and the Beast II

IAMTF Women’s Welterweight Bout                                                                                                                3rds
Eileen Miranda                     vs              Brenna Thornley (W) Split

IAMTF Super Welterweight Bout                                                                                                                      3rds
Dino Espinosa (W) Split                    vs              Evan Boulton     

IAMTF Super Welterweight Bout                                                                                                                     3rds
Kelvin House (W) Unan.                    vs              Jefferson Banaag             
IAMTF Lightweight Bout                                                                                                                                 3rds
Clifford Passmore (W) TKO Rd. 2                                  vs                 Kevin Gonzalez

IAMTF Super Middleweight California Title Bout                                                                                            4rds
Charles Rodriguez (W) TKO Rd. 2                                 vs                Keola Albino

WCK Muaythai Welterweight Bout                                                                                                                  4rds
Diego Llamas (W) TKO Rd. 1                            vs              James Martinez

WCK Muaythai Super Cruiserweight Bout                                                                                                       4rds
J.P. Elias                                                      vs              Jason Rzepka (W) KO Rd. 1

WCK Muaythai Super Middleweight Bout                                                                                                         4rds
Marcin Baczkowski             vs              Zach Bunnell (W) KO Rd. 2

WCK Muaythai Super Lightweight Bout                                                                                                            4rds
T.J. Arcangal (W) Unan.                      vs              Matt Mackillop          
WCK Muaythai Lightweight Bout                                                                                                                      4rds
Ron Scolesdang (W) Extra Rd. Unan.                             vs              Carlos Galvon

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