Las vegas -- November 14, 2010 – Spectacular is the most accurate word describing the fight face-off between MuayThai team from the Unites States and the WuLinFeng team from China last night, November 13th at Harrah’s Las Vegas.  In Sync Productions and Henan TV Network presented 8 WuLinFeng and 1 full rules muay thai bouts. Emotions and support were at their highest from American and Chinese fight fans, as they kept cheering, screaming and waving the flags. And fighters did not disappoint.  From the get-go, Andrew Kapel and Guo Quang brought everything they’ve got to the ring and showcased a true war of styles.  Although, both fighters had great deal of stamina and stayed active every second of the three rounds, Kapel managed to lay more damage on his opponent, which ultimately won him a split decision. Shane Oblonsky shocked the audience that is well-versed in MuayThai industry, when he won a three round fight against an up-and-coming Chinese star Xu Yan.  Only few weeks prior, Xu Yan convincingly won a unanimous decision against Malaipet, a three-time world champion in Malaysia. Much love and affection was pouring in from the Chinese fans, when they witnessed the captain of the Chinese team, and an inspiration to a lot of Chinese younger fighters, Wong Hongxiang go after Heath “Cowboy” Harris.  Harris’s leg gave out soon after Hongxiang unleashed a tirade of horse-like low kicks, and ultimately got a win via TKO in the first round. Here are complete results:
WuLinFeng Super Lightweight Bout 3 rds. Kang En ??wins against Ben Yelle   via unanimous decision WBC Muaythai Super Featherweight Bout 5rds. Li Ning ??wins against Nat McIntyre via unanimous decision WuLinFeng Cruiserweight Bout 3rds.
Andy Kapel wins against Guo Qiang ?? via split decision
WuLinFeng Middleweight Bout 3rds. Hong Guang ?? wins against Jack Thames TKO in the 2nd round
WuLinFeng Light Heavyweight Bout 3rds. Wang Hongxiang ??? wins against Heath Harris via TKO in the 1nd round
WuLinFeng Super Welterweight Bout 3rds. Shane Oblonsky wins against Xu Yan ?? via unanimous decision
WuLinFeng Welterweight Bout 3rds Lin Shuai ??wins against Alfred Khashakyan via unanimous decision
WuLinFeng Women’s Featherweight Bout 3rds. Tiffany vanSoest   vs    Wang Cong ?? ended in a draw
WuLinFeng Middleweight Bout 3rds. Adrien Grotte wins against Yi Long  ?? via knockout in the 2nd round
About WCK MuayThai: Founded in 1989, by Dennis Warner and In Sync Productions, WCK MuayThai is based in Southern California and is the largest Muay Thai sports entertainment event in North America.  Championships are held in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Beijing and other cities and feature top fighters from the U.S., China, Japan, Thailand, Netherlands, South Africa, Korea, England and Australia, including such champions as Yodsanklai Fairtex, Steve McKinnon, Lamsongkram, John Wayne Parr, Craig Buchanan, Christine Toledo, Romie Adanza, Jeri Sitzes and Malaipet.  For more information about WCK MuayThai, please visit or check out our Facebook WCK MuayThai group. About WuLinFeng group: Starting from 2004, the Martial Arts-Entertaining Program WuLinFeng, has been broadcasted on Henan TV Station Satellite Channel.  WuLinFeng combines the essential culture of the great history of China with martial arts competition and entertainment.  Broadcasting weekly on Saturday at 8:00pm, this 90-minute program is one of the top ten programs viewed in all of mainland China.  In 2007, WuLinFeng started to establish relationships with international promotions in Japan, England and now, the United States.

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