In Sync Productions to premier first Muay Thai fight at 48th Annual WBC Convention

Luis Bio and his support staff make their way to the ring. Long Beach, California – November 1, 2010 – In Sync Productions, the creator of WCK MuayThai championships, announced today that a Muay Thai fight will be a part of the WBC World convention for the first time in history.  Traditional WBC conventions present boxing fights only, but on November 5 in Cancun, Mexico, In Sync productions will be sponsoring the WBC MuayThai Mexico’s National Middleweight title fight between Luis Bio and Alejandro Nunez. “It’s great to have one of the WCK rising stars participate in this historic event at the WBC World Convention in Cancun. I am confident that Bio will show well and will do his best to win his home country’s national WBC title. Bio is well-trained by the Boxing Club’s Caine Gayle and Ron Casper, and is expertly managed by Dennis Leung. Both Dennis and Luis forged a very close relationship with WCK, and they deserve to be on national television in their home country. I am looking forward to promoting Bio on Hainan Island, China, where he will be a part of the four-man tournament with the possibility of winning $10.000,” noted Dennis Warner, the president of In Sync Productions. This is the first time Bio of Ensenada, Mexico has been given an opportunity at a WBC MuayThai Mexico’s National Middleweight title. Now, with six wins and two losses, he will be stepping into the ring with an opponent from Mexico City, an undefeated Alejandro Nunez. “Luis has been on a winning streak, with TKO victories over Cyrus Washington and Harris Norwood in the last couple of months. We expect nothing less on November 5. It is truly an honor for Bio to be the first representative of Muay Thai in the ring at a WBC conference, and I am sure he will perform his best. Bio has been fighting internationally for a while now, and I see a shot at a WBC MuayThai international title in his future,” said Dennis Leung, Bio's manager. WBC conference fights will be televised live on Mexican television and live on the internet at WBCBOXINGLIVE.TV About WCK MuayThai: Founded in 1989, by Dennis Warner and In Sync Productions, WCK MuayThai is based in Southern California and is the largest Muay Thai sports entertainment event in North America.  Championships are held in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Beijing and other cities and feature top fighters from the U.S., China, Japan, Thailand, Netherlands, South Africa, Korea, England and Australia, including such champions as Yodsanklai Fairtex, Steve McKinnon, Lamsongkram, John Wayne Parr, Craig Buchanan, Christine Toledo, Romie Adanza, Jeri Sitzes and Malaipet.  For more information about WCK MuayThai, please visit or check out our Facebook WCK MuayThai group.

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